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On 23 July, Scott Brodie and the preview of our upcoming film was on The Project, Channel 10. To view go to: 10PLAY or Facebook

Listen to Nick Barkla, Director and Producer, talking on radio about The Healing: 3CR and Movie Metropolis.


THE HEALING highlights the groundbreaking work of the Thoroughbred and Veteran Welfare Alliance, whose mission is to transform the lives of traumatised ex-racehorses and military veterans. 

For the discarded horses, the Alliance’s program is literally the difference between life and death. They are retrained for second careers as equestrian, recreational or therapy horses, and saved from a lifetime of loneliness, misery or slaughter. 

For the veterans dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, homelessness and suicide, the program enables them to re-engage with life. They learn new skills that increase confidence, provide new employment opportunities, and see them reconnect with family and friends.

At its core THE HEALING is a dramatic, emotional, inspiring story that contains a strong message of hope and healing. It also provides compelling evidence of a program that has the ability to revolutionise the ways in which the military and racing industries treat discarded veterans and horses. 

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All donations are 100% tax deductible through the Documentary Australia Foundation. We can’t wait to share this film with you, and from everyone involved – thank you for your support!

Nick Barkla    Director