Thoroughbred and Veteran Welfare Alliance

Founded in 2016 by professional horseman Scott Brodie and British Royal Marine Commando Adrian Talbot, the Alliance is located in Sydney, NSW.

The Alliance was borne of the belief that the treatment of veterans suffering anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder needs more work and new ideas.  Having heard about an ‘equine therapy’ program in the UK successfully treating traumatised veterans, Adrian reached out to Scott to design something similar in Australia. 

An ex-mounted policeman, Scott has dedicated his life to retraining and rehoming ex-racehorses, who are often discarded and face misery and death when their racing careers are over. Excited by the opportunity to combine his passion for horse welfare with helping veterans, Scott volunteers his time and self-funds the program.

Whereas traditional ‘equine therapy’ uses well-adjusted horses to help people, the Alliance exclusively use traumatised thoroughbreds, so that the healing works both ways – both groups are taught to fight against anxiety and fear, and learn to trust and communicate with each other.

The Alliance’s program is also creating more trainers capable of retraining thoroughbreds, so that a better life exists for all ex-racehorses.

The TVWA motto is: Thoroughbreds helping veterans helping thoroughbreds.

barranca in Kangaroo Valley is an exclusive retreat offering luxury accommodation for the discerning traveller (as well as a ‘soon-to be’) state of the art equine centre. Set on 1,000 acres in a rural paradise framed by an amazing amphitheatre of sandstone escarpments that enclose a lush river valley, rich and diverse with wildlife and glorious temperate rainforests.

THE HEALING documentary was filmed at barranca 2016 – 2020